RedLogic is officially an AWS Select Tier Consulting Partner – Amazon Web Services

17 juni 2020 AWS / Nieuws

A very proud moment for the entire RedLogic employees, families and support staff who had been with us. This is a great example of teamwork demonstrating our capabilities to achieve this Partner Tier status. Again, it’s a big step towards RedLogic’s vision to become one of the best Hybrid Cloud Consultancy companies focusing on AWS solutions to help our customers on design, architect, build, migrate and manage their workloads and applications on AWS.


To qualify for the AWS Select Consulting Partner Tier, organisations must meet the requirements that demonstrate the scale of their AWS expertise, capabilities and engagement in the AWS ecosystem helping and adding value to end customers. As an APN Select Consulting Partner, RedLogic assists customers of all sizes with design, architecture development, migration and management of their workloads and applications on AWS.

This Partner Tier status underscores RedLogic’s ability to rapidly migrate digital applications from static hosting environments to a fully managed cloud infrastructure in AWS. It also recognises RedLogic’s expertise in DevSecOps automation, and the company’s focus on providing availability, scalability, performance, networking and security in hybrid environments for Mission Critical IT. RedLogic’s partner status is a result of the company’s proficiency, significant investment in technical resource development, successful customer reference base and potential future growth delivering migrations to the cloud.

The journey

Our APN Consulting journey towards the Select Tier started a couple months ago when we registered ourselves for the AWS partner network. One of the biggest mistakes that companies make as they go through the APN process is trying to meet the requirements on paper, without actually building the practices and capabilities that the requirements represent and understanding what customers are seeking. We started in writing a Partner Development Plan, outlining our strategy towards our practice goals, accreditations and certifications.

One of the first steps we needed to define a delta between what is needed for the partnership, what is actually there and create a strategy. As we are a company consisting of IT fanatics and voted the best ICT employer in the Netherlands for a good reason, we assembled our team with the best experienced technologists, within our cloud guild (our Cloud Centre of Excellence), and completed the accreditations and certifications one after another. Our hands on experience with our existing clients on AWS proved to be very handy as we gathered lots of technical expertise on AWS products and components.

The next steps

After completing all the required parameters for the partner network we qualified for the Select Tier Program within 2,5 months on this day on June, 15th 2020. We are very excited to explore our skills and we are already on our way to complete the next Tier program (Advanced) to unlock programs like (MSP) Managed Service Provider & AWS Well-Architected Partner program and of course the VMware on AWS initiative. Our Partner Development Plan helps us to focus on our strong suits, to learn and work on what’s in our wheelhouse, and build on top of it from there, versus trying to do everything all at once.

RedLogic now holds multiple AWS Solution Architect Certifications, AWS SysOps Certifications, AWS Technical Professional Accreditations and AWS Business Professional Accreditations. Additional AWS training certificates held by RedLogicans include AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials, AWS VMware-on-AWS partner training, AWS Solutions Training Foundations, AWS TCO and Cloud Economics.

“RedLogic holds deep belief & commitment that we can leverage the power of AWS and our other partners to drive future cloud transformations. We are now excited to offer our expertise in AWS to help our clients build and deploy cloud based solutions for their projects. Our 8 years of solid experience in server management and automation is surely going to be beneficial for our future clients who are looking for cloud based solutions and migration services.”